Blissful Wellness Clinic & Stationery (BWSS)

We strive to nurture, rejuvenate, relax, heal & invigorate our clients.

This is the place where you can get all you need for your Health and Wellness needs, stay with us for a while, we will take you through all our Service.

The above clinic is offering wellness service of Swedish massage, to the different companies and their employees

What is Massage?


Massage can be defined as:

The manipulation of soft tissues of the body, performed by the hands, for the purpose of producing effects on the vascular, muscular and nervous system of the body.

It has been proven that massage has both physiological and psychological effects.

Benefits of Massage

Relaxation, Soothing, Calming, Rejuvenation, Invigoration, sense of wellbeing, self assure, de stress etc.

How do we offer our service?

We come to your premises, you provide a space for us and we bring all the equipment that is needed like : Massage beds, fresh towels, oils, creams, quite music etc.


Back, Neck, Shoulder, Feet and Indian Head Massage.

Blissful Wellness

Where the salts of the earth mix with the water of life.

Where healing techniques remain mysterious and generosity limitless.

Where a massage to the body is a massage to the soul.

Find yourself at the tip of Africa., midway on the 15th century spice route.

between Europe and the East, where the romance of the hot and colourful spices have inspired and been reflected.

The Blissful Wellness Clinic awaits.

Take a deep breath and relax you are in a right site

Blissful Wellness Clinic is a Health and Wellness business that is incorporated in Nov. 2004, it is 100% Black Empowerment Enterprise (BEE) and 100% woman owned business. The business is owned and managed by a black woman by the name of Mrs. Nomfundo Macuphe.